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    OneNote Win10 Camera Fixed Camera

    Just thought i would pass along something i stumbled upon after reading some of the most insane documents concerning OneNote in Windows10, it now supposdly is large and in charge more than a note-pad journal.

    Anyways, To fix all Camera's running windows10 that are not IR, (not sure about IR-Camera's)

    Head to OneNote Anniversary Edition, click the camera, and it now has new options that allow 3:4 : 3:1 formats and the Over-Exposure Fix,

    Set Over Exposure to Manual, walk outside, you now have one of the best laptop notebook camera's i have ever seen.

    Cheers, i knew it wasnt bad hardware

    Also i have a flawless way to upgrading to anniversary editon that actually produces a 25-30 sec fast boot to desktop if anyone is interested.

    Tasty Stuff Indeed.

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