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    Unhappy Rampage Extreme V Edition 10 issues - LIst of problems!

    Thought I'd list all the issues I'm having in case anyone out there has a solution to any of them.
    Some of these may be related to the Windows 10 Anniversary, although some were present before.
    This must be the buggiest AND MOST EXPENSIVE motherboard I have ever bought.

    In order of annoyance!

    1. SoundFX panel does not work at all. Either does Studio Sound and Sonic Radar. Can't load either program.
    2. Bluetooth is out of action. Frequent drop outs. Had to stop using my bluetooth keyboard/mouse set.
    3. XMP profile 1 (or any other overclocking presets no longer work at all).
    4. RAM/Memory disappears. I have 64 GB (4 sticks). Only 48 GB shows - and only sometimes the full 64GB.
    5. Slow boot times - frequently occurs.
    6. USB dropouts (connecting and disconnecting sounds in the background).
    7. EZUpdate feature never EVER finds an outdated driver (although this happened on my old ASUS motherboard too).
    8. Mouse jerks / freezes.

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    Fix you memory instability issues (#4) and that will most likely take care of the majority of the other problems.

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