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    New rig games freezing with Windows 10.

    I don't usually use forums but figured as every motherboard I have owned was a ROG I might be able to get some assistance here .
    Basically I had 2x GeForce 780 acx sc cards on water with a maximus vi hero 4790k 21000mhz 16gb ddr ram Intel ssd's. Etc.
    I upgraded to Windows 10 a while ago noticed games were just randomly freezing from 2minutes to 30minutes in.
    I never had this problem prior to Windows 10.
    I one if my pcie slots died so I thought hmm perhaps that was the reason.
    So I got a maximus viii hero 6700k 24000mhz ddr4 32gb 1.2v ram.
    Put the Gpus in same thing.
    Was time for an upgrade just recently have Sli EVGA1080 acx sc cards.
    Built the new system just finished stress testing my cpu have that sweet.
    Played like 5 minutes of COD Ghosts and the screen just froze again.
    This is in 3D Vision 2 by the way.
    My temps on the gpus are only 32-34 degrees Celsius.
    Cpu temps are like 40.
    I have all the latest mobo drivers downloaded sfc fix no corruptions.
    Dpc latency wasn't too good so I used the timer tool which sets it to 500us.
    Otherwise it goes into the yellow.
    I don't get any crackling or popping audio etc.
    Have Norton 2016 no viruses.
    Windows updates show up to date.
    Running the newest nvidia drivers.
    Sometimes while doing things on the desktop I get a split second lag like clicking on where the start button previously was in Windows 7
    I have run Intel toolbox on my ssd's and they showed fine.
    Sad life pro shows my primary drive at %98 it's a good 4 years old done a ton of work.
    But the games are on a brand new ssd.
    But if the primary ssd with Windows had a problem I guess it wouldn't matter if the games are on a new ssd.
    So that's basically it I have tried just about everything I like Windows 10 now but I just can't work out if that's the culprit or something else.
    If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated.


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    Hi unix,

    A few places to check:
    1. Check if you have updated all drivers to Windows 10 compatible builds prior updating to Windows 10.
    2. Checking if your PSU (power supply unit) is still working solidly.
    3. Check if primary HDD (OS drive) using vendor fitness test tool for error.
    4. Under Task Manager, and disable everything in "startup" to simplify the OS and see if this helps any.
    5. If you have installed Intel IRST, make sure you have disabled SATA LPM option from there.
    6. Go into Power Management, and set "Turn off Harddisk after" option to "Never"

    See if any of them helps.

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