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    Rampage V Edition 10 drivers - updates when?!

    To anyone working for ASUS. When are we going to get new driver updates for this board?
    Especially the sound drivers for the front panel and the sound applications.
    These have NEVER worked for me - and a lot of other people here by the looks of it.
    Should I remove the front panel, or will you one day update these drivers and get them to work?

    Equally, I have had Bluetooth issues since day one and now they've disappeared entirely (mentioned in detail in another thread).
    When can we expect a Bluetooth driver update? Or Wifi update if that is the issue?

    Do you have an internal timeline for driver fixes you can share?
    It's a relatively new (and expensive) board, so I'm hoping it hasn't reached the end of its support time already?

    Feedback appreciated.


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