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    Quote Originally Posted by Bahz View Post
    Can you guys both confirm that you already gone through with the firmware update?
    Okay. This will sound rude, but since I have just received my second reply from ASUS telling me to 'reset the monitor' in the OSD along with a helpful diagram of a VGA end explaining I should look for 'bent pins', here goes. First, I DON'T KNOW if the firmware was updated. I assume it was not on mine but I don't know. It was RMA'd and sent away for that explicit and only reason. Instead it was replaced with a new monitor. A busted one that STILL has the same line issue on top of it. I don't know why it was replaced. I only know I got screwed somewhere between the support and the service center.

    I know you are trying to help Bahz, and imo you have done a pretty good job here. ASUS support was great too. But the end result was basically a joke on me and ASUS. By the bye, if I hadn't gone through with the firmware update, I wouldn't have sent my monitor away and thus would still have my original working screen. Sure it would show the middle line but it wouldn't have faint green and red lines on the entire right side.

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