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    No Beeps from Cold Boot (Inconsistent)

    This is very inconsistent and has always been happening on my computer. When my computer turns on, normally there's a shrieking beep, followed by the normal beep. Fist of all, not sure what the shrieking beep is, as I'd never heard of it before until I got this build. Maybe it's an indicator to my problem, not sure.

    I originally was on BIOS 0603, then upgraded to 3301, then downgraded to 2101, at the advice of another member, since it's apparently the last stable version that supports Haswell-E. 3301 kept rebooting after a few hours, no matter what I did.

    It seems like every morning this week, I would turn my computer on, and I would hear no beeps. The BIOS would not post, either. I swear I could also hear a different sort of tone in the fans, as well.

    As a temporary resolution just to get my computer to turn on, I'd unplug everything in the back, except for the power. Hold in the CLR CMOS button in for 3 seconds, unplug the power while holding the CLR CMOS button for another 3 seconds (total roughly 6 seconds). Then plug the power back in, and the monitor. Boot, and usually, this fixes it. Then of course, plug everything back in.

    I have not applied any overclocking settings on my computer, no XMP profiles, nothing.

    What's going on with my computer and how can I permanently fix this?

    Sorry, I think I might've posted this before but I can't find the topic I started. It wasn't fixed then, and it still isn't fixed now. I think I was told to upgrade my BIOS, which, I have by now.

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