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    RoG G752VY Upgrading

    Hi, i have recently bought myself a G752VY, and am wondering what "Upgrades" are possible. As in, EXACTLY what is possible. When i sent an email to the Asus team (Not RoG, Asus), they said i can install 2x SSD's and 4x Ram cards. Well; thats no help whatsoever, i told them that in my email, but asked the specifics. Nope.

    So, ive got 2 empty SSD slots in my pc, so what can i install there? I was looking at the Samsing 950 Pro SSD (512gb). Whats everyones recommendations and advice for 2x ssd's (Preferably 512gb ea)?

    Looking inside my pc, the 2 "Extra ram slots" that are supposed to be empty, already have 2x cards in them, so im already hooked up with 4x 8gb ram. Am i able to replace all 4 for 16gb? What speeds and whatnot do i need for it to work?

    If there are any other recommended upgrades that yas have, please let me know

    Thanks in advance
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