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    G73-74 bookbag carrying ideas help please!

    im looking for away to carry my machine around so i need a good bookbag maybe some of you guys have a bookbag you use and can help me on picking the right one thanks
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    I love it

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    I picked up the everki titan. it can carry your notebook, your books, and have room for more... the bag is pretty big though mind you...
    here's a link:

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    I bought the Targus Citygear backpack.

    The G74sx fits great in the sleeve meant for it, the entire thing as far as I can tell has some sort of rubberized coating on the inside of each pocket, which I assume is what makes it water resistant (definitely not water proof), it has more than ample room to carry around the power supply, books, pocket music and video players, a day's change of clothing, an external water bottle mesh sleeve, and an extra space that I will end up using to put things like damp swimtrunks when I go to the beach next summer since it's sort of on the outside of the backpack and has side openings to let the air in.

    Overall a nice backpack, although it was a bit pricey to me at about $75.00

    It was the only bag (that was large enough for the G74) that was available at the Frys store when I was on holiday last weekend, but it turned out to be a great bag, and if I needed another one for some reason, I would not hesitate to buy the same bag again.

    If price is not an object, then I'd likely go with the everki posted above, however at nearly double the price, I just couldn't justify buying the everki for my use (most of the time my G74 is a replacement for my desktop and I only carry it with me one day a week into the office and back) so I opted to save a little money and buy the Targus back which holds everything including a sack lunch for the 150 mile trip into the office.
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