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    Next: Get rid of touchpads on gaming laptops! >

    I personally never use it, and you can get a wireless mouse that's small enough to use anywhere if you want. That or touch screens (please no)

    Or make it blend into the chasis without having to have grooves etc where dust can get in. That'd be cool.

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    G701VI - is not a finished product!

    Quote Originally Posted by winyl View Post
    G701VI seems to be replacement for G752vy.
    Looks exactcly as G752, has cd drive and better gpu,cpu.
    But is it worth the money?
    Why Asus ditched old nameing scheme? The VI stand for VR probably. The VR is selling verrry poorly, why not G753 then?
    ASUS tried to do a top 17.3" laptop,their idea - it is not a substitute for G752, it is a step above...they say that it is the thinnest laptop with GTX1080,but they do not want to talk about the comparison with AORUS X7 DT V6...G701VI does not have an optical drive - Good ... it does not have SATA3 HDD/SSD, only 2xM.2 - What !? ... I think G701VI looks worse than G752,especially the display hinges and case design of cooling system...and what else is interesting - not a word about "ROG 3D Vapor Chamber"...
    For me G701VI - is not a finished product in terms of design and in terms of components!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clintlgm View Post
    Seems to that Asus is now putting on the market 3 levels of Gaming notebooks, Not only that but in each category there is wide price range of models. We'll have to see what they come out with this spring. Fall usually is just some small upgraded parts in the same old case. IE G752VS line. All that's new is the Video Card and some modification to the cooling system. The VL G752 series have there own sub forum as well as the VX G series. This is all new to us for awhile all 3 were in this one forum which was very confusing for us all with the VL G752 having not much to do with the G752 at all.
    It's pretty awesome Asus has released multiple models for the 1080, single and SLI, air-cooled and water-cooled

    I'm thinking something like a G701VI or G800VI for a single 1080.

    A G702VS if there will be a 1070 model? Or a GL702VM-DB74 if only 1060. Something to carry around.

    The GX800 is out there too, but I still haven't seen a production model review or a shipping date for the US.

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    Well the G701VI is almost 1,5cm slimmer than G752vs/vy, but has sticking out hinges on the bottom of the lid, probably to be slimmer. It is also shorter on depth by 24mm. Maybe it will fit in ROG Nomad backpack then. Nice comparison video by Asus Italy representative. Should be appearing in shops right about now, from what he says in the video.
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