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    I remember seeing those systems in the fish tank filled with oil a few years ago. Must have been a fad as I don't really see much about them now. Maybe newer hardware puts out more heat than oil can efficiently remove?

    Thinking out loud - if your system is one big loop with multiple blocks, then why couldn't you put a small radiator in between the blocks to even out the hot spots - assuming your pump is adequate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Saknussemm View Post
    Hey come on! where did I say that? that would be perfect friction-less flow.

    A good loop with good flow will show only slight difference across block...something you would need very good sensors to detect.

    If your loop order matters you have bad flow and a bad loop.
    Alluded to here.

    And loop order does matter to some extent, even with the best rads, pumps, blocks, and fans one can buy. Mine all have a disparity in temps, even with the best pumps run in series and plenty of airflow thru the rad.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Saknussemm View Post
    Now I'm not sure if the cooler is defective or the description

    There should be zero difference between the temps of the two pipes ....there is no cold pipe and no hot pipe. The system comes to equilibrium with ambient temperature as a whole and with normal flow there will be an all but immeasurable difference between in and out temp across the block.

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    Meh...figurative the zero...I meant you should not be able to feel a difference with your hand between in and out of block...this has always meant problems with cooler flow in my experience...shown by the "all but immeasurable..."

    I haven't put sensors in my loop since I first started this watercooling lark but back when I did there was so little difference the sensor errors/vagaries covered up the difference across my blocks so can't be more than 2 degrees I'd venture to say... nothing I could feel touching the loop...the main point for the OP

    But maybe I am wrong assuming this of AIO cooling...though I have had a H100i...and the only time I felt temp differences is when it died...and sent me on my "proper" watercooling quest...

    Quote Originally Posted by red454 View Post
    Thinking out loud - if your system is one big loop with multiple blocks, then why couldn't you put a small radiator in between the blocks to even out the hot spots - assuming your pump is adequate?
    Because flow is important and each block would add restriction. If it was simply add more rads get better cooling we'd all have 7 480s and loop temp near ambient but of course that is not the case and you have to balance restriction against cooling surface area etc. Good pump pressure and flow rate and as low loop restriction (high flow block the block makers always like to advertise) as you can, make for good water cooling loop. An infinitely long radiator would remove all heat you put into it but would have so much restriction there would be no flow from your D5 and your CPU would throttle...after a couple of minutes
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    My guess is that something has gone bad with your cooler.It could be worth trying to change it before anything else gets messed up by the escalating heat.

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