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    What Hard Drive to purchase for GL502VT

    Hi everyone looking to purchase a 1 TB 7200 RPM hard drive for my gl502 VT or even a Hybrid, I own a desktop with an SSD so Im not all too interested in investing in an SSD for my laptop. My issue is I dont understand the size/dimensions and or requirements to look for in a Hard Drive if you could give me any recommendations It would be very much Appreciated! ^^

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    Welcome to the forums!

    • A little curious what kind of drives came with your GL502VT unit if you want to check this, but if you don't have an SSD as a boot drive, it's worth considering to save you time waiting for Windows to boot up.
    • Desktop hard drives are normally 3.5 inches while notebook hard drives are 2.5 inches, so you want to look for 2.5 inch notebook hard drives.
      Notebook hard drives can come with different thickness, so look for drives with 9.5mm thickness since thicker drives would not fit.
    • If you haven't seen it, there is an GL502 upgrade guide posted under the ROG articles.

    Hope this helps.

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