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    Rog g771jw factory reset image needed! Or other working solution

    I have a ASUS ROG G77JW but after letting the family use it for less than 2 hours it was filled with many viruses and other crap that made normal use impossible.
    I had only had the laptop for a few weeks and not really done anything with it so i had not done a backup of the factory system files for a restoring option before 3
    humans with passion fingers got at it with there (apparent) extensive computer knowledge.

    So long story short, after having somebody take a look at it while i was on shift working, they have deleted EVERYTHING! I mean formatted all partitions of the hdd
    and put on a generic win10 install that is empty/slow and not anything like the G771JW was.
    I am really hoping that someone with the same system has the files or image that i need to restore the system back to normal
    (even filled with the factory loaded bloatware) anything has to be better than the complete crap that i am left to call (My Laptop). I really dont / cant send to asus
    to be restored! I now need it every day and have nothing to use during the very slow process of dealing with
    asus support.

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