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    I had the same problem recently with which is still going on right now.
    Let me begin ….
    So I bought a Asus Prime Z370A motherboard from them on July 27th 2018.
    I didn't start unboxing it till a good 6 weeks ago plus as I was still buying the final components to my build.
    Anyways upon finishing my build the motherboard started behaving oddly with screen tearing from the onboard IGPU. then it wouldn't let me install the Nvidia drivers on windows 10 for my GTX 970!!

    The screen tearing got even worst when the Intel driver was installed for the IGPU!!
    I contacted Scan about the issues in which they emailed me a RMA number & told me to send it back to them via there free DPD service collection point.
    Great I thought!!! Not so....
    I checked the board & cleaned it for any thermal paste prior to sending it back in which there was no damage of any kind, I packed it well too!!
    I returned the motherboard on the 19th October & Scan received it on the 22nd Ocotober….On the 23rd Scan emailed me telling them they couldn't RMA my board due to physical damage...What ? How did this happen??
    Scan informed me there was bent pins (3 pins in fact) on the CPU socket & track damage !!!
    They informed me they was going to return my board back to me unless I signed a disclaimer
    Scan told me in signing the disclaimer they would send my motherboard back to Asus with my permission & scan would pay for the repair/replacement as a gesture of good will!!

    Well if I damaged the board then why are Scan paying for the repair dispite a gesture of good will ??? Surely I would be paying for the damage?

    Well it's been more than 4 weeks since they received my motherboard with no updates but when I use there live chat for updates I just get excuses!!!
    Luckly I paid with Paypal & I have now since taken this up with them for item not as described.
    Upon calling Paypal they told me that's awfull customer service & agreed its too long to wait for any repair or refund!!
    Scan are well know for there stunts like this damaging RMA's to void warranties, just wished I googled befor I sent my motherboard back to them.
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