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    GL502VS sleep problems and loud fans?

    Hello everyone. Just bought a GL502VS and I'm liking it a lot beside some small issues.

    First is it doesn't seem to stay asleep. At first I thought it wasn't going to sleep at all, but it turns out my mouse kept waking it up right away. I tried turning off "Allow this device to wake computer", but nothing.
    My temporary solution to that is to just turn off my mouse before I close my lid. However after about an hour or two
    it still comes back on by it self. Any one have any thoughts on that? I don't have anything different software wise from my last laptop to keep it awake or to wake it up.

    My other problem is the fans seem kind of loud even when I'm just using Chome or doing normal things. When gaming it doesn't get much louder, but it just doesn't
    right for doing small tasks or idle. Just wondering. Also Temps seem to be in order only 33C right now on core 1.

    Also, this one hasn't happened in a while, but might as well ask. Sometimes when I turn the computer on. I get a blank screen. I have to turn it off and back on
    and then it's fine. Slight concern.

    Thanks everyone.

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