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    Looking for games

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone is able to recommend any games for me? I currently play World of Warcraft. (Favourite expansion Wrath. Playing legion atm, its ok.)

    Im thinking of getting Dues Ex Mankind Divided, and Battlefield 4. I like sound of Dues Ex; Battlefield 4 would be nice for when im sick of WoW; but im hoping its got a offline bot fights, like Battlefield 1 + 2 had.

    Another question; if I were to update Windows 10, would it happen to install an update to Windows Game Recorder, to allow me to record WoW clips? Ive had the game running and tried to record it, but when I hit 11 seconds; it says something along the lines of "There is nothing to record, please try again later."
    I had been fighting Win 10 updates so bad since it was released, cause I haven't been able to afford them, but now I can. Ill keep fighting em if theres no visible benefit.

    Thanks in advance

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