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    CPU overheating due to faulty fan/header - no shutdown??


    I'm currently running an i7 6700K, clocked at 4.4GHz, with an Asus Maximus VIII Hero (CPU cooled by a CM Hyper 212 Evo).

    Recently I've had a few incidents with the CPU severely overheating. In all cases the CPU fan stopped completely, and had to be disconnected then reconnected to resume spinning.

    Unfortunately during these incidents the CPU core temperatures soared to the upper 90s. Twice it resulted in a crash, the other times I got weird screen corruption instead before I realised what was happening. The package temperature meanwhile got up to an insane maximum of 95C.

    The failure of the fan or the header it is connected to aside, how on Earth is it possible for the CPU to be allowed to get to such hot temperatures without the system automatically shutting down?? In every system I've ever built, there has been a CPU shutdown option in the BIOS that where you can configure the CPU package temperature at which the system will automatically power off. However, looking through the VIII Hero UEFI BIOS, I see no such option. Could it really be that in this day and age a premium motherboard does not come with this basic safety feature?

    With regards to the actual overheating, how likely is it that there will be damage to the CPU at these temperatures?



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