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    thanks caladius, but i am not sure but i think this fix is for a different problem that we are experiencing here. this thread is dealing with touch pad insensitivity. that is, i tap on it and it doesnt register the tap. even though i have the sensitivity set to a light setting.. HOWever , i did put the settings that you recommend and did notice that the mouse pad worked a little better let's see if it helps. thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Caladius View Post
    I had purchased my ASUS G73JW about 3 years ago (maybe longer) and have experienced all the problems. Missing keystrokes and touchpad control errors. I have a fix that worked for me and i wish to pass on this solution to everyone here in hopes that it works for you as well.

    Open up Mouse settings and click the "Device Settings" tab.
    Then click the "Settings" button to open up the Properties for Synaptics Touchpad"

    Expand "Pointing" then expand "Sensitivity".
    Click "PalmCheck" and move the slider to the second mark from the right side (right where the red bar starts on the slider)
    Click "Touch Sensitivity" and move the slider to the third mark from the right.
    Click the "Apply" button and close out the settings windows.

    This should increase the Palm contact issues surrounding the touch pad (case pressure included) as well as stops the touch pad from losing connectivity when a random light touch causes the pad to register a false finger.

    This has worked for me for a few days now with constant 8 hour work days. No problems and i hope this works for those who have this issue as well.

    Take care and goodluck ( i still have not relieve my missed key strokes issue.
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    Hi all,

    it looks like after 3 years off struggling, I've found how to reset touchpad driver just-by-click!
    I'm so happy, that I've even created a separate topic to discuss this workaround.

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