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    GL552VW-CN211D problems

    Hello. I have a few problems with my GL552VW ROG 15" I7-6700/16gb/GTX 960M problems.
    When I've bought it I had 3 different pieces RMA because of a display spots (backlight bleed). I had 3 different notebooks, and all three of them had white spots (bleed). 1 of them had 2 dead pixels. This is not normal for a high-end laptop!
    My current machine is without dead pixels, only ISP bleed? Why is that? My 150 euro lenovo laptop doesn't have ips bleed, but my high end 1000 euro laptop has?
    Nevermind, I got used to it. How ever there are few problems running windows 10 pro to which i am sure that are hardware based and need a BIOS update.

    1. Pre-installing windows 10 for three times now from clear installation using microsoft usb media creation tool - i have the same problem over and over again: my desktop icons are re-arranging them self every time when my laptop got locked or sleep. I am using the latest nvidia drivers. Don't go with: "It's WIndows problem, not us", because I've installed the same Windows from the same installation media (usb) to like 5 other computers and there's no icon's re-arranging. Including an Acer Nitro VN7 with GTX 960m.

    2. My laptop just freeze some time. But it freezes hard. After keeping 6 second power-on button for restart - checking the event viewer doesn't return any System problem. It just says that the last shutdown was unexpected, meaning that some piece of hardware is freezeing.
    How can I debug this problem?

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    Are your hd530 video drivers updated? You may need to uninstall and delete driver before reinstallation. My current version is You may try it.

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