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    I have confirmed with out software team they already replicated the issue and are working on a solution. This bug occurs when the battery drops to a certain low voltage causing this problem.

    They have not given us a timeline for when a solution is available but the temporary solution is to disconnect and the battery and reconnect it again.

    I'll update you all once I get additional information from our peripherals team.

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    Thanks for the update Bahz. Glad to know Asus is looking into it.

    Do note, issue isn't apparent on wired mode, only when it's wireless and left on wireless for extended periods of time (for me at least).

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    This started happening to me today. The mouse is 3 week old.

    The scroll wheel is blue, logo is green and side buttons are red. The PC can't detect it anyway. Armoury says firmware is 0.0.0 and the mouse isn't even detected by it. The dock station is detected by armoury. I am currently trying the battery depleting method I read somewhere.

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    Same Problem fixed

    1. Mouse connecting is loose right out of the box, can't put wire in too far or not far enough. (light come on for a second when i got close to getting it.)
    2. Windows 10 was picking mouse as just (Gaming mouse) and not as (ROG Spatha).
    3. Aura sync was not picking up mouse.
    4. Armoury was not even picking up mouse sometime. (but this could have been when windows 10 was not picking it as a gaming mouse only, can't remember, wasn't even looking i guess.)
    5. Even at times it told me the usb was using too much power to work.

    How i fixed this, first i can live with the bad mouse connecting, i use it for wireless only and another mouse for gaming anyways. It does work, but i hate playing with it.
    While start with uninstalling everything, even Aura sync software. remove hardware and devices. then shutdown the pc and start it up again. Now first make sure to plugging in the mouse, but the mouse power switch is turned off. Now check window devices, and make sure your mouse shows up as ROG Spatha, i guess you can plugging in the ROG Receiver too(why not).
    After devices show up good, install firmware and Armoury, might have to do this first if your devices don't show up right. You might even have to disable windows updates, when doing all this, i did. As for installing the receiver firmware, you may need to unplug the mouse and turn the mouse power switch on.

    After you get the mouse and receiver working , now the Aura sync problem, installing Aura sync, but as you can see, your mouse might not show up, to fix this, after installing the software, i just shutdown the pc and turn it back on, then it show up. I got it all working fine, the MB,GPU,keyboard and mouse all in sync.

    Here is my finished Asus ROG Build, but i need to take some newer pic here soon,

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