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    G20 Having Power-On Issues, Question On Power Supply, Motherboard

    While I love the form factor of my G20 I think I may have a big issues on my hand (hopefully its not and someone here can advise).

    Here is my issue, I turned on my G20 today, was simply surfing the web and suddenly the G20 shuts down on me for no reason. I wait a few minutes thinking that perhaps the unit somehow (strangely perhaps) over heated or something. I go to turn it back and the G20 doesn't turn on, it doesnt make a sound nor is there any light on the power switch.

    I do some basic diagnosis, disconnect the power supply from the G20 and the Power Strip (that its connected too), and the check the port outlet to make sure its working (its working fine as I plugged something else in to test). I go ahead wait a few minutes try again and reconnect everything, and the G20 still doesnt make sound.

    Disconnect everything again then start reconnecting everything, which is when I notice that the "Led green light" on the Power supply turns on when connected to the power strip, but as soon as I connect it to the G20 shuts right off (the power supply small led light that is).

    Has anyone had this issue (and figured out a way to fix it) or know what the issue could be. It would be great if I had another power supply unit to test with the G20, but I dont have one. Getting one would mean me spending some cash just to use it as a testing unit (if still doesn't work then Iv just lost some good money).

    So based on what is happening (as listed above), is this a "power supply" issue? Or is there something wrong with the connecting part on the G20. If the issue is with the G20 end, what are my recourse. I mean does this mean that the motherboard is no good and somehow I have to get my hand on another one (and whats the cost on that). Or is this something that can be fixed on the G20 side by simply replacing the connecting point somehow (and if sow anyone know how or the parts).

    If anyone can shed some light into this that would be great, thanks.

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    Hello Gotallofthem
    According to your thread, especially you said "the "Led green light" on the Power supply turns on when connected to the power strip, but as soon as I connect it to the G20 shuts right off", it seems like your power supply is malfunctioning and could be the cause of no boot on your computer. But it has to be tested to confirm this. You can consult your retailer for help by taking your power supply to them and test it out. If possible, you can borrow a same power supply for the G20 and try power your computer with it.
    You can start testing on the power supply first, thank you.

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    Hi Gotallofthem,

    Adding to what Bill mentioned, the 180w and 230w power supplies used by the G20 should be similar to what is used by some of the ROG notebooks if it makes things any easier, so if you have a way to either borrow one of those power supplies to test, or if someone is willing to test your power supply on their notebook, it should give you a better idea what is going on.

    If you need any help to figure out which power supply you have and which power supply is used by a specific ROG notebook model, feel free to let us know. Thanks.

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