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    ROG Enthusiast Array AbyXzss PC Specs
    AbyXzss PC Specs
    MotherboardZ170 PRO GAMING AURA
    ProcessorIntel i7 6700
    Memory (part number)Kingston HyperX 2400 mhz
    Graphics Card #1GTX Asus Strix 1070
    Sound CardSupremeFX
    MonitorSony 32 LED
    Storage #1Kingston HyperX SSD 240GB
    Storage #2Seagate HDD 6GB/s 1TB
    CaseNZXT Razer H440
    Power SupplyAntec 620W HCG
    Keyboard Thermaltake Gaming Series
    Mouse Alcatroz
    OS Windows 10 Home x64

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    Nov 2016

    MF8 does not boot to BIOS

    Hi guys! I am a newbie here and this is my first time posting. I wrote a vey long email to Asus Support but for some reason it just wont send, Perhaps its because I am using a mobile browser and I am having a very hard time doing this so my sincere apologies to any auto correct wrong grammar's and spelling but let me just paste what I am supposed to email Asus support below:

    "*ISSUE: will not boot to BIOS POST. No video signal on either Board or GPU direct. Q code 13 then chnges to 00 - 4C for sometime. Onboard LED showing RED cpu LED then will start to lit the DRAM LED with blinking ORANGE. After sometime the blinking orange turns solid orange with the solid red light for CPU gone. Tried the RAM on all RAM slots. Flashing the latest BIOS and even tried to flash the 1702 which is the BIOS revision the time board was bought. Reseated the CPU, cleared CMOS,Mem OK! Without avail. Booted the MoBo outside the casing using the original cardboard housing to isolate static or short circuit from MoBo to casing with the same issue. Consulted Retailer and they tested my RAM and CPU using their own MoBo and PSU and they worked. They checked the board quality, no scratches, no bent cpu pins or any signs of customer induced damaged. Clearly MoBo is not used for OC due to my CPU limitation. They declared that the MoBo is faulty and it needs to be returned forr replacement. The Mobo was functioning as expected for 3 months, used servo type voltage regulator to protect it and is used for only watching videos and moderate gaming average of 0-8 hours a day and I always unplug the AVR everytime I go to work or when I am I am not at home so power always zeroes out on my unit then power the avr up again everytime i use the PC.I will be asking follow up questions once I got your reply about this issue."

    So that's what I supposed to send them, I am very depressed right now and it seems I will be out of PC use for two months since the turn around time given is 30-45 Business days. I am supposed to buy 1060 Strix and 6700k i7 during my Christmas pay bonus and now it seems they will be useless now since I am under the impression that the repaired or replacement Board will be after Christmas, worst? A week after new year.

    G4400 Intel 3.3 ghz
    8GB Kingston HyperX 2400 mhz
    240GB HyperX SSD
    Antec 620W PSU
    H440 NZXT Razer Case
    AMD R7 200 series GPU.**

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