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    After taking a nap I notice...


    I'm wondering if this is normal or an oddity.

    Since I generally use my laptop as a desktop replacement, I usually just put it to sleep instead of turning if off since where I have it placed it's not easy to open the lid to turn it back on.

    However, what I notice is that after putting it to sleep and then waking it back up, that any games that I try to play suffer in performance. For example normally I get pretty good performance out of Skyrim, and the game itself suggest that I play in Ultra High settings. But if the computer has been to sleep and then woken up and playing skyrim, the graphical performance is well... Pretty much unplayable, with it being very jerky in the graphics department.

    If I just reboot the laptop and then play skyrim, the performance is fine.

    Is this normal for any windows machine to do this after being put to sleep and then woken up?

    I can't judge by my desktop since putting it to sleep, it simply wakes right back up after no more than 1 second.

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