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    g550jk heating issues

    Hi fellow g550jk users,

    apparently our laptops tend to get really hot during heavy sessions.
    i was trying to find a way to lower the heat load for the CPU especially, as it tends to go up to 97 degrees celcius.
    since my warratny has expanded, i have repasted the cpu and gpu heat sinks and chips with a really premium thermal compound,
    coolermaster nanomaker ultra, the gpu sits at 81 degrees celcius under heavy load which is a 5 degree improvement compared to 86 degrees when i first
    bought the laptop, i was trying to fnd a way to lower the cpu heat down.
    as such anyone who has knowledge on the matter please advice.

    i have already done the following so please do not repeat the same thing to me.
    1.cleaned the internal fans thoroughly( dismantled and compressed air sprayed)
    2.repasted all the chipset and heatsink
    3.elevated the laptop.
    4.changed power settings ie processor maximum capped at 50 percent.

    gonna try lowering the voltage draw of the processor based on the HWMonitor settings

    any other form of advice is good.

    on another note, is there a way to get a better internal fan for the cpu considering how the gpu fan seems to be more powerful thn cpu fan.

    cheers all!

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