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    Question Help me choose a laptop

    Hi everyone, I hope you could help me on choosing a new gaming laptop
    I previously owned ASUS ROG G750JX (3D version) and I sold it and now I am looking for my next one.
    the problem is in my country (which is Iraq), we don't have many choices and if their is a gaming laptop the pricing will be very high
    (i bought the G750JX for 2400$ which is about 800$+ more than what is listed on US retailers sites)
    Now i think about importing one from amazon (we have shops in Iraq that import goods from amazon and ebay) so i have to be sure
    when choosing a laptop as i cant return it once it arrive (takes from 15-30 days to arrive)

    Now I need your assistance, I found my self fond of the new GL702VM for its specs and good price but I want to be sure about it:
    -Do all the models (Which i know their are only two: DB71 and DB74) have thunderbolt 3 technology on usb-c port ?
    -Do all the models have G-sync technology ? is it worth it ?
    -I am looking for thunderbolt 3 to future proof my system as i plan to keep this laptop for at least 3-5 years ,and the G-sync for
    buttery smooth game play (as i heard but never tried it) so which one you see as a must have if both not available together ?
    -Do the GL502VM have them both ? which model ? the link please for it or the link for the GL702VM if have them both.

    thank you in advance and looking forward for your replies, PEACE

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