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    ROG Front Base with z-170 Pro Gaming Aura

    For everyone that has the ROG front base, im curious if you have come into these same issues and if they were able to be fixed...

    My Setup
    CPU: Intel i7 6770K
    Cooler: H100i v2
    OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    ROG Front Base

    I was really excited to get the front base, but I have found a very limited amount of information regarding it, and no information of the behavior of the front base with my mother board.

    Before plugging in the front panel I first installed ROG Connect Plus v1.00.32, attempted to install Front Base Driver: V1.01.17 FW:V48, but was unable to until I plugged the front base into the MOBO, after which I was able to install. And for the record after not liking how the front base was working I down graded to FW:V47 tested, then went back to FW:V48 and found no difference.

    My first complaint is that it seems that Frequency and temperature display will tend to freeze up when going under load such as prime95, it will just show the freq and temp and hold it in during the test, which is very misleading. I also notice the temperature on it is about 10-1 degrees lower than what is being reported on either HWinfo, or the AI Suite software.

    My second complaint, is that the one click overclock feature is not as the asus website states as being "instant," which I have seen on youtube as being instant, but instead when I push it a dialog comes up that the computer is going to reboot to apply overclock settings. From what I have found out, this happens when the OC profile needs to change the BCLK.

    My third and by far most annoying complaint is how horrible the OC profiles are. Just as a baseline, these are some numbers I have OC'd the CPU to myself:

    5.1 Ghz @ 1.39V @ ~80deg - Just to see how high I could get a stable OC
    4.8 Ghz @ 1.34V @ ~72deg - As a higher OC that I don't have to worry about voltage or temps
    4.5 Ghz @ 1.32V @ ~68deg - What I would like to keep my settings at 99% of the time
    4.0 Ghz @ ?V @ ~55deg - Stock no OC numbers

    Back to the front base...
    The front base LVL 1 overclock sets my computer to about 4.2Ghz, and the Level 2 seems no different, but what worries me is that when running prime 95 or intels burner, I hit a temp of 90+ deg (by the way the front panel only said about 61deg) with voltage hitting upwards of about 1.45+V.

    Has anyone else experienced this and did you find a fix for it.
    There is a place on this forum that says you can set profiles for the OC button in the BIOS somewhere under tools>H-Keys but I have nothing such as that in my bios, is there a way I can manually set some of the OC parameters, and possibly have the ability to not have the BCLK adjusted so when I hit the button it does not require a restart.

    This is a very nice looking product, and heck I would even keep it for the look of it regardless if the controller portion of it worked right or not, but as I stated the freq and temp gauges on it does not even depict the numbers I see elsewhere, so this isn't even feasible as a real time monitor.

    Any help would be apreciated

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