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    GL502VM and Thunderbolt 3 confusion

    I decided to create this post because I wanted to buy a GL502VM but was faced with a similar problem that a lot of people are having, where half the internet claims that this laptop has Thunderbolt 3 while the other claims that it doesn't.

    Mine was bought in Poland and has a product number: GL502VM-FY053T.
    I can confirm that indeed it DOES have the Intel Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 chip.
    The problem was that the shop claimed that it's only a USB-Type C, ASUS doesn't mention Thunderbolt 3 in their product description and the laptop itself doesn't have the thunderbolt logo next to the port. The only reassurance I got was from the polish ASUS support line where I was told that indeed the VM is the ONLY one out of all the GL502 that has the port.

    After coming home I checked the BIOS that indeed it's really there and there is also a Windows app that shows your connected Thunderbolt 3 devices (don't have one yet so couldn't test that out). From a device/driver standpoint, in the control panel, I think it's impossible to tell (I think) as everything is governed by the Intel USB drivers.

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