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    Can someone PLEASE help me with my Asus G73jh

    OK So I bought this from a friend of a friend who had given up on it for very cheap because he beleived to have either busted the graphics card or the motherboard.

    LONG story short

    I got the laptop managed to SOMEHOW resurrect it for a little bit but it had odd graphical errors like pixelation, green and purple lines here and there and eventually it was done. So I decided to replace the motherboard (i've had to do this for a Dell)

    So I get a new motherboard and it's a green color instead of brownish orange or whatever install everything correctly no problems (not a noob to this kind of work)

    OK Keyboard now lights up but still NO screen, display, or boot up.

    So I remove the graphics card bake it (can't remember the video I followed but it doesnt matter it did not work)

    NO worries I used thermal paste when re-doing all of this as well as a power wipe (hold power button after turning off before touching things like I said not a noob)

    OK so it's dead whatever I shelf this laptop for about a year because Life finances and what not.

    Just this month I decided to order a replacement Graphics card (this one to be exact)

    Plug it up and install everything BOOM yay happiness i'm getting some form of progress YAY!!!

    till BOOP all of sudden I've been redoing windows 7 all dang weekend because if I install catalyst driver or do something silly like put the resolution to max before installing certain drivers I will be greeted with blue screen loops forever so I learned the process, downloaded drivers accordingly, and all for ONE day I had this laptop running BEAUTIFULLY, restarted it and got some things working like LAN and everything so I was really happy and looking forward to making this my new main laptop.

    SO I get home i'm tired going to let it run some updates and what not GO to sleep, wake up don't touch it and go to work, come home and NOW i have NOTHING the laptop does not make sounds, keyboard will light up, and nothing happens no backlight NOTHING AT ALL

    back to being a god damn brick and I don't understand.......

    I have 6GB of memory I've switched them all about and around hoping for a solution NOTHING.

    I even put the OLD motherboard in JUST IN CASE and still nothing... by the way the motherbaord I replaced it with was this (no link but hopefully this is good information)

    Genuine Asus G73JH 17.3" Laptop Intel Laptop Motherboard 60-NY8MB1200-B08

    The seller on ebay is pmvision

    My specs are

    Asus G73jh
    6GB Ram
    Graphics Card (
    intel i7 (don't know how to tell what generation)
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    PLEASE any advice and guidance would be GREATLY apprecaited i'm ready to cry honestly out of pure frustration

    I'd like to re-up that i'm no noob i've done everything almost absolutely right at this point i'm just wondering did I get some dud parts that weren't actually "genuine" or even "not new" or something like that or i'm just uneducated to an unkown factor here?

    PLEASE someone have an answer

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