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    Quote Originally Posted by DJFulcrum View Post
    I have read this entry many times now, and this is the best. A stunning example on where two games combined can be turned into excellence. You have summed your entry up remarkably well. This is what adventure is all about, "With all its possible endings and outcomes, people will be playing this game over and over for a long time."

    Would love to see Tim Schafer as the creative director on such a game.

    This is by far the most creative entry imho.
    Thank you so much for saying that.

    I personally have played some depressing / crime visual novel games and I really enjoyed how they have so many endings. And it has bothered me how there are not many games (outside visual novels) with alternate endings, especially with adventure games. Undertale became very popular because of all its different endings, so I'm sure the developers are aware that it's a pretty effective and important formula. I'm hoping they really do make a game like this one I suggested. Even if it's just a simple pixel game like Undertale. It's the story and the exploration that matters most.

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    Congrats to the winners.

    May this thread give ideas to the gaming industry.

    Super Smash Bros. + [Insert MOBA here] would be awesome too.
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    i should choose The Witcher + GTA. I mean witcher character using GTA modern city

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    We have 2 winners that have yet to respond so they have 6 more days to do so before we announce the re-draw for these prizes.

    If you know these two users in person, please let them know because these are some awesome prizes to miss out on.

    Feldon (ROG G20)
    bengast (ROG Claymore)


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