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    Final Fantasy XV (The open world and ability to play more characters in general) and Guilty Gear Xrd (Characters and story).

    I like any type of games, really, but, most of the times, RPGs tell a better story and offer better immersion, better feel of the world around you, so chose Guilty Gear because the entire family means a lot to me, the picked a game with a similar world but contains the RPG elements that interest me.

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    Dishonored + Assassin's Creed

    Edit: The stealth and parkour you can use in the games, plus all of the epic takedowns and combat.
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    Battlefield and the Sims?

    Kinda sounds funny but what if battlefield multiplayer was more of a simulation like having to eat food to keep up your strength, having to clean your gun to keep it in top notch firing condition, giving coordinance for airdrops supplies, ammo, food. Day and night cycles and sleep with squads on watch, if you get wounded you get flown to the hospital, fixed up and flown back in.

    No timed Team Death matches with 32/64 players it goes on infinite with an infinite number players like massive multiplayer, would have to work on objectives. To top it off make it so you could play it on your monitor as well as in virtual reality.

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    Sniper Elite+Diablo. I know that such a combo is pretty weird, but actually it's not about the subject. Imagine a game, in which you can switch between 1st person, 3rd person and isometric view. It's not about the gameplay at this point, but maybe a new genre/sub-genre in the industry. You can play the way you like.
    Here is another idea -Chivalry ft. Total War. You lead your armies to the battlefield, compose and regroup them. Then, in the heat of the battle, you pick ANY unit and play like an fps game from now. How that sounds? Pretty innovative as for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidlesterbaron View Post
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    ask me? why not?

    Why not combine 2 of the best MOBA(Multiplayer online battle arena) games of the century?

    Can you imagine a 5v5 battle from the players of League of Legends and DOTA 2?

    Of course all heroes must be equally AMP, NERF, BUFF and etc.

    Same goes with the items.

    ---------------------------------------------------THIS WOULD BE THE PERFECT GAME IF EVER HAPPENED-----------------------------------------------------------------------
    it may be possible and cool to imagine but this two game has a different setting, story line, characters and though they have the same concept these games are the type of games that better leave them as they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aluxdoni View Post
    The combination is clear, not much to say, because they just fit together so well.
    The game Thief should’ve been.

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    Diablo II + Heroes of the Storm

    It's really great to see the variety of different combinations that everyone has come up with.

    For me I've always been an ARPG fan but with most of the ARPGs like D2, there's so much grind and once you get to the end game, there's little left to do other than PVP.

    I've always dreamed of having a game like D2 where you can level up your character and then for end game you could use your character with customized skill build and unique equipment to battle it out in MOBA style like Heroes of the Storm, where you don't need to buy equipment. Of course some people will question about it being unfair if a maxed out level character will have big advantage over a lower level player with crappier equipment. They pretty much need to work out the mechanics to make it very balanced and for the higher level players, just for the effort they put into their characters, they should get a max of 5-10% advantage over the lower level players. Pretty much it would still be a 90% skill required game where a lower level player with better skill can still beat a higher level player. Also if they can also add in other mini games like king of the hill, it would make all the grind worth it.
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    Bloodborne and Borderlands 2?

    This ought to turn out as more of a less clunky, way more action-packed multiplayer co-op game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petar_popovac View Post
    for 3 reasons:

    1. the movement of the character(Why for the love of god does GTA V guy need 3 meters of space to turn around?), parkour, climbing on buildings...

    2. Fight would be great if Rockstar put these things

    3. Connect the history and the present... these two worlds in one map, everything would be turned like in a movie Doctor Strange hahaha

    Would you ROGers add something else?

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    question for Bahz: Is it okay to post pictures with text. like this?

    I think it would be awesome if the current state is present and do cool parkour stuff

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    Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus

    Imagine the world of Skyrim combined with the amazing bosses from Shadow of the Colossus.Amazing!

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