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    Rivf 3930k

    Hey guys, been a while. Threw in a few RealBench 2.44 submissions yesterday, pissing around with overclocks.

    Having an issue with my daily overclock. I had my 3930K clocked at 4700mhz as a daily overclock on the RIVF using the OFFSET (-0.005) voltage option. I had Turbo, Speedstep and the C states enabled as well. This allowed the 3930K to idle at 1200mhz/0.8v and ramp up to 4700mhz/1.38v at load. For quite some time I have been running it at 4300mhz because I flashed the BIOS a while ago, and forgot to save my overclock settings prior.

    Now it seems that even though I have it set to 4700mhz, it will only ramp up to 4200mhz. When Win7 starts, it is at 4700mhz (Aida64) until Win7 finishes loading and things settle down. But during gaming and some other CPU intensive apps, it will only go up to 4200mhz. Some stress tests, it will go up to 4700mhz. It seems and clock speed I set higher than 4300mhz, this is the case. The only way it will go to 4700mhz, is if I disable Speedstep, or with certain stress tests.

    I had thought it was a thermal problem, but the PC is cooled with a custom water loop and all temps are more than acceptable. I can still reach and sustain high overclocks (5.0ghz+) at decent voltages. Last night as a stress test, I ran RealBench V2.44 and Unique Heaven 4 at 5043mhz (1.47v) simultaneously and it finishes both without a hiccup. So I dont think there is anything wrong with the CPU. Memory is Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR-2400 clocked at 2200mhz, 9-11-11-21-C1 (1.65v).

    Any ideas? Or may it be that for whatever reason, this was the case the before, and I hadnt noticed? I would really like to have it back up at 4700mhz using the OFFSET Voltage method.
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