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    Strange error with my ROG PG279Q

    Hello I recently bought a new PG279Q and an EVGA 1070GTX SC graphics card and I'm getting a strange error every now and then.

    A vertical stripe in the middle of my screen a few pixels wide is being moved to the far right side. It can be hard to notice on a still screen but very annoying while playing games.

    It doesn't show up when I plug my computer into a different display.
    It doesn't show up in screenshots, and disappears when I turn the monitor off and on again so I suspect the monitor is the cause. It's not a major issue and only crops up a couple times a week but if my display is faulty I want to know sooner rather than after warranty expires.

    I cannot deliberately recreate the error.

    Has anyone seen this issue before?

    I have included screenshots of a test pattern, the error didn't transfer to the screenshots so I edited them to replicate my problem. I do not know exactly how many pixels wide the line is but its very noticeable to me.
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