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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_suso View Post
    Thanks Kvwilliams

    Another question:

    This laptop can´t handle Rise of Tomb Raider on Very High Settings? On high settings its ok, but on very high very low fps. I used vertical sync with double buffering and tripple and same.
    Geforce experience recommends me put it in very high.

    Another game with problems its Borderlands 2. If i put Physx on medium or high, the fps goes down. On low, ok. I test on 1080p, but geforce experice recommends all on high and 4k resolution (DRS RESOLUTION).

    I know that the PC is complicated, but a 1.500€ laptop and can´t handle a game from 2016 and of course borderlands from 2012?.

    My laptop have a fresh install of windows 10 and last drivers from

    And of course, last nvidia drivers with fresh install, first unistalled with DDU.

    I've noticed the same fps problem, I've kind of a conclusion because it only happens with open worlds, it can be due to the GSYNC or where do you have the game installed, if you have it on the HDD it will low your fps when loading new zones but if you have it on the SSD that should be not big problem, try to play open games on SSD and without GSYNC, I havent try it yet but it could work.

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