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    Should I keep my Asus GL502VS?

    Hello everyone, I really love this Asus model, its not so bulky and still very portable, but I have some concerns about it, when I play GTA V, DOOM and The Witcher 3 I get temps around 85 degrees for the GPU and around 80 on the CPU(I always have G/Sync on). Take in consideration this is my first gaming laptop(I come from a MacBook pro and PS4) and I would like to have it for at least 2 - 3 years I really don't know if this temps are 'ok" for Pascal based GPU's. I'm getting around 3500 to 4000 RPMS's on the fans.

    So I could still get my refund I'm going to buy a laptop cooler this weekend to se if it helps.

    Also when playing on battery I got half fps and some times the screen blinks black for half a second or so.

    Also I have the draining battery issue while charging but not that bad.

    For I could read this model has all this issues(or more) Its sad that Asus does this to its clients.

    So guys taking all this in consideration should I keep it, or send it back? Is there a way a could get a bit lower temps? Or is it safe?

    Thanks for reading me!

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