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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitchy View Post
    Glad to see that my little advice helped you

    To push things further and understand why your HDD causes those stuttering , you should check what mode is your HDD under UEFI BIOS : is it IDE ou AHCI? It should be AHCI but we never know... But dont do under this for now, enjoy your experience and test to see if things are right for at leat a weak before trying understand what causes stuttering from HDD!

    Enjoy your ASUS Gaming experience
    Thanks for that, i can now really enjoy these games for once lol. I'll check that out and see whats what.

    @Buggsy - I'll try that out too, but for now im just taking a holiday from all this lol. Enjoying the games for once

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    I've had my Asus G751JY for a little over three months now. I've definitely enjoyed my time with it. The first laptop i've ever purchased was the Asus GL502VT. It had horrible overheating issues which I then found out is a huge problem with that laptop. I quickly spend a bit more to upgrade to the Asus G751JY and was not disappointed. However, the first one I bought had a stuck pixel on it which I found out was a common problem. I returned it and got it exchanged. Luckily the second one had a beautiful screen and I was good to go. This is my first laptop i've ever purchased and also it is the most expensive electronic I have ever purchased. It performs like I needed it to, it's amazing. I love the GTX980M performance, and I love the mean look of my laptop.

    I also like to do Custom PC builds for people who have a budget in mind but don't know the best things to choose for the computer. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to build a Wish List.

    Merry Christmas!
    "I've always thought to myself, at what point did I come into consciousness? When did I start the act of "remembering?" Am I even really alive? Is death real in the sense that I cease to exist?"

    I also love PC gaming and learning about graphics technologies.

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