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    Watch Dogs 2 Redemption - No response after uploading receipt within Promotion Period

    Good Afternoon,

    Serial# G9YVCM099665
    Part ID: 843369 01227

    I tried redeeming my Watch Dogs 2 code but was told the following:

    Sorry, your redemption is invalid due to one of below reasons: 1.Your card wasn’t purchased during the promotion period. Please check your date of purchase on your receipt. 2.We have difficulties reviewing your receipt.Please provide your product serial number, PPID, a valid receipt*and send to rog_forum with clear name of game stated in the mail title. (*Please provide a valid receipt with clear show of date of purchase and upload it to any cloud space, for example Dropbox, WeTransfer, ASUS Webstorage, and provide a download URL.)

    I provided a copy of my invoice but apparently that wasn't enough.

    Attached is a copy of the receipt and the original invoice.

    Can you please send me my redemption code as promised in your promotion.


    Cameron Rudd

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