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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuten View Post
    Dota 2. Though my heart is begging me to actually say:"DOTA 2 EZ GGWP!!!"

    Well let's breakdown what "best" means:
    1) Overall enjoyment
    2) Game design
    3)Upkeep and Improvement
    4)Visuals (Graphics)
    5)Community and how it's controlled

    I'm basing my analysis on these statistics supported by MY OWN thoughts.

    I have sampled quite a lot of MOBA's but stuck with Dota 2 because it gave me a much better experience and enjoyment.

    1) Being a warcraft all stars player Dota 2 has come a LONG way from it ancestor.
    I enjoyed All stars because it was, at a stage, the only one of its kind and became very skilled at it. After sampling Dota 2 and various other MOBA games, my heart still stuck to my "1st love" simply because Valve took an amazing game... and made it better.
    The graphics are better, mechanics are smoother and the community is larger... which means less waiting for matches and more playing.

    2) The design of the game is flawless. There are very few bugs in the game and if one gets spotted, Valve quickly eradicates it to make the game fair. The fact that you have a hero that has no equal in the game makes it much more dynamic which contributes to anti picking (Making it way more competitive and sensitive).
    There is NO hero that cannot be countered because of the vast spells and items each hero has and can gain respectively. In LoL, 90% of all spells are AOE and Skill shots (Target Point) which I REALLY enjoy but it becomes redundant when every player has the option for a "flash" and can use it at any given time, Dota 2 wins in this sense and ironically makes hero positioning that much more valuable. There is so much more I could talk about with the mechanics of Dota 2 but eventually people are gonna get bored of all the reading. One thing I particularly love about Dota 2 is that if you are a newbee, or if you are part of the Clan "Newbee", you both have an exact 50% chance of winning. I don't like the way a player gets better stats that helps in game just because you've played longer than others... Dota 2 take real skill and skill only to be good in the game, not relying on a "+2% attack speed with every hero because your player level is 9". All of the above I believe is better than any other Moba.

    3)There are a lot of Moba''s but Dota definitely has the most updates. Sometimes annoying but necessary. When an update arrives it's usually visual items and alterations with hero skills and in game shop items. The alterations are VERY sensitively applied if Valve feel a hero/item is a bit too week/powerful and 90% of the time, the community agrees with the updates.
    The visual items (sets) that come with the update are always gorgeous and most are affordable. What really caught me here is that there are THOUSANDS of items that are player created, giving people who have an artistic side a chance to grow their skill and make some money on the side. I have never been disconnected in Dota 2 due to server maintenance. If there is some to be done, you can continue your game and, once it's done, wait a very short while until the server is up and running again. One thing that I can say that I do NOT like about Dota 2 is that it takes a VERY long time to release new heroes, but with all my previous points I can wait .

    4) Graphics, well I'll just summarize this one:
    Best graphics in a MOBA with ratio to its visual theme (Artwork is closest to the aimed style).
    Has the best GUI and Home screen vs other MOBAs.
    Players can customize GUI/HUD, Map Theme, Heroes, Map Weather.
    New to Dota 2 which I have yet to test is Dota VR which I expect will be amazing.

    5) The Dota 2 community is full of all types of players like any MOBA. My main point in this section is to highlight that Dota 2 was only released in 2013, which makes it 3 years old, and it already has a much bigger player database than any other MOBA (including LoL which was released in 2009 making it 7 years old) If it wasn't the best MOBA, why are so many people playing it? xD
    There are Bans and Mutes and AFK bans and so forth. Dota 2 has a control system that cannot really be abused. There are Mutes and Bans and etc... but it will only take effect if a pattern occurs with a player so, don't swear or feed too much cuz you'll get restricted . If you feel you have been restricted for any reason, you can contact steam support and they will help you with how they feel is fair.

    Overall Dota 2 is just an amazing game. I play every single day and I do so because it is extremely fun, I'm addicted to its competition, want to learn more about it and get better at it and meet new people from it.

    I think many other people will agree with me after reading my essay xD.

    Thank you for reading and all comments welcome within reason.
    Wow so detailed

    It's nice reading about your thoughts on this topic

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