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    Quote Originally Posted by spartan_hoplite View Post
    DOTA 2 may be the most popular MOBA games, but I think the graphic is already outdated. Now I love Paragon more because the graphic is really nice with the latest Unreal Engine 4 technology.
    You can play Dota2 with low ends PC/Laptop( dual core, dx10 vga and 4gb Ram will runs fine) but to play Paragon you definitely need a ROG Class Laptop/PC.
    My point is, if you have ROG PC/laptop then what for you keep spending more time with old DX10 games when there is a newer better games. We need to move on.
    There's reason for that. Not everyone could afford high end gaming rig. There's a survey that Steam conducted, and guess what, the most used GPU is GTX 970, which is at 4.9% of the overall players and it's still extremely small. Based on current trend, GTX 750 Ti will take over that place soon. Here's the link to the conducted survey:

    My main point is, they don't make Dota 2 graphic outdated without any logical reasons. They set a constraint to game graphics at specific level, (preferable lowest as possible but not too low), thus lowering the barrier to entry, so that more players can play the game, even with potato rig. Even when you want to create a cosmetic item, there's specific number of polygons allowed before you can submit it into the game. Being able to reach out more players is much more important than having a good graphics. But that's my opinion, feel free to give your own
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