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    Quote Originally Posted by joeMarvin View Post
    For me the best MOBA is DOTA2.
    It is the first MOBA i played and i believe all other MOBA copied the main concept from this game.
    But unlike other MOBA there are three things that will make DOTA2 stand-out from the rest.

    1.) META
    - The heropool in DOTA2 is huge and every hero can be played in different ways. Laning and itemization of heroes deepely varies, you can play a certain hero in different roles. There are also different strategies you can use to win the game.

    2.) Balancing
    - I think on of the best asset of DOTA2 is having Icefrog as the main developer as he always find ways to balance heroes thru minimal changes and without breaking or changing the hero concept.

    3.) Community support
    I think the DOTA2 community is the best compared to other MOBA community as shown by the support in "The International" tournaments as we always manage to surpass the crowdfunded prizepool every year and make it the highest prizepool for esport every yaer.
    As for #1, League of Legends also has a lot of champions. In fact, it has more champions than DOTA's heroes. I don't think there's much variety with what you can do or build with a champion though, I feel like it's always the same thing. The only thing that changes are mid and top lane switching. As for #2, League of Legends is a bit crap with balancing. Whenever they release a new champion, you can guarantee that it's going to be very OP.

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