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    Issues with my asus rog strix gl702vm touchpad right click - solved?

    So the right click on my asus laptop doesn't work each time i restart my computer. If i repair or rollback the driver it works until I restart.
    Then it stops working again. My laptop is 3 days old. I have done a reset of windows which fixed the issue for a time, however now it is back.
    I spoke with asus who told me they will not replace or refund . 3 days old. pretty unhappy, the representative also told me that they are aware of a firmware updating causing this issue and it is not resolved.

    $1500 I spent on a machine that does not have basic functions working, then i am told i am not entitled to a refund. On top of this I bought the laptop on the basis that is has thunderbolt, however the thunderbolt on the machine is 10gpbs not 40. meaning i can not use it for an external graphics card hub.

    All in all pretty unhappy about the situation, i regret buying the laptop and wish I had got the msi......

    Anyone who can offer a solution to the right click not functioning would be helpful as it seems I am stuck with the laptop despite the fact it doesn't work properly.
    $1500 is a large investment for me and to get something that doesn't work properly is upsetting, I am actually wondering the legal reality of giving a customer a faulty product in terms of returns and refunds.
    its actuall the 502 version
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