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    Quote Originally Posted by Korth View Post

    But yeah, data can be corrupted if the RAMCache process is forced to terminate and/or Windows is forced to shutdown before the software's write cache can be written to disk.

    RAMCache does offer exactly one option while running: a "Stop" button, lol. So you can use it without (much) risk of data loss if you always remember to stop the program before sleep/shutdown, at least on a battery-powered laptop or battery-backup/UPS desktop. Worth the effort if performance gains are noticeable.
    The point is the program is not shutting down correctly so there is a possibility the program is corrupting data even without user error (forcing shutdown before the software's write cache can be written to disk).
    Seriously I cant believe you would even suggest opening the program to stop the program & waiting for it to respond every time. Nobody would bother doing this every time they restart, shutdown or walk away from the pc to let it sleep/hibernate lol.
    The use of a battery backup/UPS however is a solid sugestion assuming Ram Cache II is not corrupting data without user error which we have determined it most likely is.
    Not worth the headache for a program which shows no noticable performance benefit except in some benchmarks (on my sytem at least).
    I spent 8+ hours yesterday dealing with the destruction.

    I guess I was just intrigued to have a program that would put some of my dormant 32gb of sytem ram to use.
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