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    Asus R9 Fury Strix Thermal Pad for GPU CORE

    So it seems Asus is using some kind of thermal pad for Fiji GPU core in R9 Fury Strix cards. The heatsink is not touching GPU die and HBM memory evenly - so that is a reason why thermal pad was used.

    This has to be very high end thermal pad. The amount of Gelid GC-Extreme thermal paste I had to put to make sure 100% of the die and memory were making contact with the heatsink, results in +10C temps or more.

    Does anyone know what is it and where to get it or something similar. It is about 0.5mm thick.

    Screenshots: 1, 2.

    The best I found is Laird TPCM 920 0,51mm thick. No idea if this stuff is appropriate for 250W+ card... If the numbers are legit and its 2 W/mK - that is 8 times worse than Fujipoly XR-m...
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