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    Battery Issues with GL502VS

    Hi all!

    I just received my GL502VS a few days ago and the laptop has been great so far, apart from the battery.
    On the first day, according to HWMonitor and BatteryInfoView, the new battery has a wear level of 5% and it has been going down since.
    I did a calibration by draining the battery down to 5% then recharging to 100% but the wear level is still the same.

    As of now, the west level sits at 11% after three days and 2 recharge cycles.*
    I have also noticed the battery draining while running intensive games but it seems to me the battery is being drained even when idling.
    It was charged to 100% a few hours ago and I left the laptop running on AC to download some games.
    Now, it has dropped to 98%.

    Is there a hardware issue here or inaccurate readings? (The tools have been accurate for me on various laptops.)
    A faulty battery?

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    Hello peggy
    I've sent you a PM
    Please check your inbox, thank you

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    Hey Bill.

    We all waited for a solution for this problem. Actually, we waited for an explanation and about 15 other people did not receive an answer.

    To OP:
    If you scroll around this forum you will see many people had the same issue with the battery and power input.
    The ASUS 502VS power adapter is not strong enough. It provides ~180watt while the machine needs ~185, maybe more,
    therefore it gets the energy from the battery.

    You might think "well, Im not gonna play 10 hours so my battery will not drain while playing".
    Well, the issue is that the machine will throttle down at a certain point, resulting in performance decrease.

    Also, imagine what will happen when your battery gets drained after 2 years of usage...
    You will manage to get ~2hours of gaming, and the battery will be at 30%, and the laptop will throttle.

    I suggest you replace your unit for a refund. If you're still into ASUS, dont get the 502VS. I heard the 502VM is ok and doesnt have this problem.

    Good luck

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    Battery drain while not gaming and idle is normal.

    Computer makers program the battery to drain 5%, and then recharge. This supposedly exercises the battery, because keeping the battery at 100% all the time is bad.
    This is how my G501VW behaved, and probably other asus laptops as well.

    As for the battery drainage during gaming.... we all know it's because the ac adapter doesn't have enough wattage.
    Dunno how Asus is going to fix that big screwup.
    They're most likely going to sweep it under the rug and try to ignore people as long as possible, or tell people it's normal.
    the proper and fair thing is to redesign the 230w adapter to make it work with the 502vs, if that's even possible.

    You're going to get some battery wear. i've noticed up to 5% wear in a new computer after a few charges, but the 502VS is a special case because it's always draining the battery due to insufficient power adapter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaffa View Post

    Also, imagine what will happen when your battery gets drained after 2 years of usage...
    You will manage to get ~2hours of gaming, and the battery will be at 30%, and the laptop will throttle.

    Batteries usually don't last that long after 2 years anyway. On my 5 year old asus, i hardly ever used my battery, and it was able to run almost 5 hours when new.
    Now it won't even last 1.5 hours.

    So just accept that maybe it won't even last 30 minutes of normal use after 2 years.
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