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    Exclamation G752VM cooling problem

    Hi there fellow gamers!

    I have purchased my first gaming laptop and it is a G752VM, I have chosen this model because all online tests indicated a very good cooling performance. But during gaming ROG Gaming Center indicates GPU temperatures up to 87C and gets there very quickly, it usually idles without any load at 50-55C. I am using my laptop on a table with an ambient temperature of 25C. I have tried NoteBookFanControl, but running the fans at 3300RPM, GPU still gives me around 78-80C. I have contacted the store and they said it is totally fine, but I dont think so. Can it be a bad thermal paste application during manufacturing? Please, share with me your opinion or even your temperatures if you have the same model. It drives me crazy, the laptop is just 2 weeks old and i have to deal with issues like this already

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