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Thread: Temperature HUD

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    Temperature HUD

    I have at my disposal ASUS's z77 Sabertooth motherboard and have been considering incorporating a 'fan controller' orientated peripheral. Is "ASUS ROG Front Base Dual-Bay Gaming Panel 4 inch LCD " compatible with this motherboard?
    If not, what would a good recommended/suggested alternative be -- to accomplish similar aspects (system read/feedback temperature levels / fan-speeds / etc.)?
    *Side-Note* Aesthetically, my build is a black-and-orange(slight'Red',too) color scheme -- so if there are any other comprable devices that would match ... yeah.


    *reason* I'm planning to reconfigure my configuration (?repetitive?) by adjusting some timings, frequences, voltages, /etc., and ultimately attempt to over-clock the rig. So I would like to incorporate a means of "live-feedback" (system temps /etc.) without the need to boot any in o.s. softwares/applications. -toSayTheLeast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chino View Post
    Unfortunately the Front Base isn't compatible with the Z77 Sabertooth.
    Is this compatible with the Maximus VIII Hero?

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    @boobs try the aquaero fan controller, it have a usb connection to the mobo that you can controll it with, cost a lill but worth it in the long run.
    it have its own software/firmware that you can controll fan speeds with, controll WC pump, read temps, set up custom curves on fans depending on temps++
    google lill about it and / or watch a few youtube vids about it too.

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