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    STRIX X99.. Again problems! now with my NEW 960 Evo NMve Series..


    Yesterday I got my new solid disk: a Samsung 960 Evo 500Gb M.2 NVme. Well once I installed it I have a strange problem and I think it is another problem of the motherboard.

    When I start the pc with the power button, it perfectly detects the solid, both in the BIOS as in Windows 10 and as I have cloned it from my old disk with Samsung Migration data, is all my previous content and is perfect. The problem comes when I reboot. When I reboot it no longer detects it in the bios or windows. Only until I completely turn the pc off and then back on again.
    Even if I am in the BIOS without booting the operating system, if I do a control + alt + sup and re-enter the BIOS, it no longer detects it.

    I have watched with the Samsung Magician software and the 960 Evo has its latest firmware installed. My bios is the 1301, since with the 1401 I have only had multiple problems of sudden shutdowns. I have reviewed bios parameters related to M.2 and I have not achieved anything ..

    I am very tired already of this plate, I have been 6 months since I bought it with one problem after another .. I am very disappointed.

    Please see if anyone has this SSD model and it happens the same or is a problem of the same, which I doubt.


    Sorry for my english.

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