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    CPUID HWMonitor sudden slow load times - BIOS or Windows issue??


    I wonder if anyone else can confirm whether they have seen this behaviour. I updated my Hero BIOS to 3007 from 2202. And manually rekeyed all my O/C settings (had a text file dump for reference). However I noticed that CPUID HWMonitor now takes a long time to start up, previously (on 2202) it would take about 3 seconds, now it takes about 30 seconds. So, logically I concluded that the issue was with the BIOS so I "flashed-back" to 2202...Guess what ,exactly the same behaviour!

    So, then I got thinking what else had changed since the last time I ran the utility, and the only other thing that has changed were the batch of Windows 10 updates released last week'ish. For additional info the latest version of CPU-Z also hangs on "updates" however the version that launches from ROG Benchmark tool does not. I'm guessing something has changed with the way the necessary info is pulled from Windows 10 as a result of the updates, but this is purely a guess....

    Can anyone else confirm if they are seeing this behaviour?

    Specs for Info:
    i7-6700K (O/C 4.7)
    Maximus VIII Hero
    16GB Corsair DDR4 (3200)
    Gigabyte G1 1070
    Windows 10 Pro

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