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    Quote Originally Posted by BrodyBoy View Post
    Really? You actually like it? I think you may be the first owner I've seen who thought this model has decent audio, let alone "good" or "gorgeous." Aside from really cheap keyboard and touchpad hardware (unbefitting a TOTL laptop), I think the terrible audio is my biggest complaint. Otherwise, I do like it.
    My feelings EXACTLY! Plus the support is abysmal... actually that's the worst part about Asus ownership, IMHO.
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    G74sx = great value/design.
    After owning it for a few months I've grown to like it more. Trackpad is finicky with multitouch command, but with the right driver it works decently. Speakers honestly aren't the best sounding, but still better than my old Lenovo T61p and much louder. Any other problems I had were all driver related like BSOD and nvidia driver crashing, but after doing a clean install that went away too. I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with the bloatware that's included out of box. All major problems started after I started removing some of their included apps.

    Sure we had our times of falling out but overall I do not regret this purchase and the support community here actually brings me closer to this laptop.
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    IMO, Alienware is way too expensive for what it is, but they are damn good.
    The G74sx is an absolute powerhouse with a price tag that cannot be beat. It is easily upgradeable (disk drives, ram, wireless card) and it has a fantastic screen and It has great cooling.
    There are however a few things that might be an issue. First of all, these things are massive, probably one of the largest “laptop” computers out there. I purchased mine as a desktop replacement so it’s not an issue for me but if you plan on lugging it around all of the time the bag selection will be limited and it weighs quite a bit. You WILL want to do a clean install of Windows when you first get it, ASUS puts a lot of bloatware on them and it is known to cause problems, I always do a clean install with new computers but you should be aware of that. The speakers are not that great and it seems like a lot of the sound is projected out the back for some reason, I use headphones a lot so again not that big of an issue for me. The BIOS has BD PROCHOT enabled so it can throttle down while playing games and cause lagging, there is a fix for this though.
    Overall I would recommend it because it is well worth the price tag. It’s not the best out there but it really is a great computer and I think doing a clean install of Windows will help you avoid about 85% of the problems people seem to have. Mine is setup how I like it and I am very happy with my purchase but it did take some work.
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