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    Quote Originally Posted by Brigman View Post
    Emsir, I said way back that you might be right in thinking that aspects of this release were to do with KBL support. The point I was making was that there was no indication of this in any release notes accompanying the build. We shouldn't have to rely on guesswork, reading tea-leaves or reference to the CPU compatibility list in order to divine what if anything is new.

    Earlier on you were suggesting that the release note "Improve system stability" implied "a general improvement to the system'. Now you have demonstrated that the changes in this UEFI include support for new CPUs. In what way is that a 'general improvement', or otherwise unworthy of specific mention on the download page?

    You have just demonstrated the point RenegÉde and I were trying to make, which is that the lack of specific information on these updates, and instead generic comments like "Improve system stability" lack detail to the point of being misleading and no replacement for a proper changelog.

    These builds might enable support for the wider KBL family but it is also abundantly clear from responses here that there are changes affecting Skylake platforms too - often negatively. There are also option ROM updates - none of which we are made aware of prior to flashing the thing.

    If a UEFI build enables support for new CPU types, Asus clearly know this in order to update the compatibility chart, so why not say so on the download page?
    If a build contains changes that might improve (or more importantly negatively affect) stability for existing users - as this clearly does - again they should include a health warning to that effect alongside the download. It's not difficult, and nor would it mislead or confuse anyone any more than the current situation - where people are updating in the expectation of 'improved system stability' only to find it getting worse without any idea what to test or change to improve matters - which for a supposed 'beta' release is a significant omission. Other manufacturers can do it, why not this one?
    You should read the BIOS updates on other manufacturers support pages and then you will find out that the difference is zero. I have checked MSI and EVGA, and the description for the latest BIOS is much worse than ASUS.

    This is for the Z170A Gaming M6 board:

    EVGA is the same:

    So to say other manufacturers can do it is not quite true.

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    I noticed that when resuming from sleep/standby my chassis fans are at full speed on my Hero VIII Alpha. I hope Asus fixes this in a future release. 2202 does not exhibit this behaviour.

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    BIOS 3401 on M8F support site.

    Mentions KL OC and KL RAM OC fixes (targeted at the hwbot user complaints).

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