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    G751JY - CPU hardware upgrade possible?

    Is it possible to replace my Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU with a more powerful CPU ???

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    No. Not in the sense that it's a direct swap over like with a desktop MB and LGA CPU socket.

    Every ROG Notebook model released after the G75 Series use BGA CPU (soldered) packages.

    Every ROG Notebook model released after the G750 Series not only use BGA CPU (soldered) packages, but now also have BGA GPUs as well (no longer have an MXM slot).

    So, unless you have a hot work station on hand or unlimited resources to experiment removing BGA ICs and reballing the replacements, this "user" performance upgrade is literally non-existent with any of the newer ROG Notebook lineup now, or if older models, experimental at best.

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