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Thread: I am in hell

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    I am in hell

    I had 3 monitors so far and they all had dead pixels and screen bleeding and IPS glow.
    Im fighting hard with ASUS in Denmark and the shop proshop where i bought the screen from.

    They both claim they are not sure if they wanna refound my money due to many swappings and the screen has to be full of holes
    and have scars and scrathes and the light muct flicker and basicly the monitor must be in a state of exploding before ASUS will pay my money back..

    Here is pictures to se my nightmare. So far im leaving ASUS for good. I have been faithfull costumer in over 15 years now, but it ends in 2017 !
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos Dead pixel 1.jpg  

    Fail monitor.jpg  

    **** Screen.jpg  

    Dead pixel 2.jpg  

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